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I hope you will find the information you may be seeking about my intellectual activities and publications. Texts of out-of-print publications will also be included as well as texts that were not published in their entirety.
Professor Lourdes Arizpe received the award of the National Order of Academic Palms of France, an award given to distinguished university scholars, on April 9, 2008. The award was presented by Mr. Patrick Hetzel, former Rector of the Sorbonne I University. The ceremony took place at the Mexican embassy in Paris conducted by the Mexican Ambassador, Mr. Carlos de Icaza and the Mexican ambassador to Unesco, writer Homero Aridjis. The ceremony was attended by Directors and Program Officers of Unesco and of the new School of Law and Management Paris-Pantheon II, as well as Mexican artists and researchers living in Paris. Photos of the ceremony can be seen in the gallery in this site.

Members of the International Social Science Council are very welcome to my site. Any additional information on the ISSC may be found at:

Short Resume

Prof. Lourdes Arizpe

Former Assistant Director General for Culture at UNESCO (1994-1998), she is presently with the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), as professor and researcher at its Regional Center for Multidisciplinary Research.

A graduate of the London School of Economics and Political Science (PhD in anthropology), she taught at El Colegio de México from 1972 to 1985, directed the Museo Nacional de Culturas Populares (1985-1988) and the Instituto de Investigaciones Antropológicas at UNAM (1991-1994). Author of twelve books, which include Parentesco y economía en una sociedad nahua (1972), Antropología breve de México (1993), The Cultural Dimensions of Global Change: An Anthropological Approach (1995), and Culture and Global Change: Social Perspectives of Deforestation in the Lacandona Rain Forest (1995) and member of Editorial Boards of 7 professional journals based in Colombia, England, Mexico and USA. She has directed several books on culture, including the World Culture Report of UNESCO.

A founding member of the Academia Mexicana de Derechos Humanos, she also served as President of the International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences (1988-1993); member of the Joint Latin American Committee of the Social Science Research Council (1987-1990) and the Executive Committee of the Latin American Studies Association (1994-1996); member of the Advisory Committee of the U.N. Human Development Report and World Bank Project on Culture and Public Action. Her honors also include Fulbright and Guggenheim fellowships (1978 and 1982), the medal for distinguished activities in the field of culture of the Ministry of Culture in Pakistan, and honorary membership in the Royal Anthropology Institute in England. Finally, she is a member of the Academic Faculty of the Global Economic Forum in Davos.

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