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Current Position:      Professor-researcher at Centro Regional de Investigaciones Multidisciplinarias, National University of Mexico. Apartado Postal 4-106, Cuernavaca, Morelos, 62431, Mexico.
Certificat d’Etudes Francaises, Université de Genève, Switzerland, 1964; M. A. Ethnology, Escuela Nacional de Antropologia e Historia , 1966-70;  PhD in Social Anthropology, London School of Economics and Political Science, 1971-75.

Researcher-lecturer, El Colegio de México, 1972-85; Academic Coordinator, Department of Sociology, El Colegio de México, 1975-77; Consultant, International Labour Organization, 1979-81; Visiting Fellow, Institute of Development Studies, Sussex University 1980-82; Director, National Museum of Popular Cultures, 1985-88; Profesor-Researcher, Regional Centre for Multidisciplinary Research (CRIM) of Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), 1988-89; Director, Institute of Anthropological Research, National University of Mexico (UNAM), 1991-94; Secretary, Mexican Academy of Science; Assistant Director General for Culture, UNESCO, 1994-98; Member of the Advisory Committee for the Environment of the International Council for Science (ICSU) 1995-2000; Consultant, International  Convention for the Protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage, UNESCO, 1999; Vice-President, International Social Sciences Council (ISSC), 1998-2000, re-elected for 2000-2002; Chair, Committee on Human Rights and Civil Liberties, Mexican Council for the Reform of the State, August-November 2001; Fellow, Andrés Bello Chair, King Juan Carlos Centre, New York University, February-May 2002; President, International Social Science Council, 2003-2005, 2005-2008.

Award for Service to Indigenous People in Mexico, National Indian Institute, 1978; Fullbright-Hays scholarship 1978; John D. Guggenheim scholarship, 1982; Benigno Aquino Award for Distinguish Service to Developing Countries, William and Mary College, USA, 1992; Award for Distinguished Service in Culture, Ministry of Culture, Pakistan, 1996; Honorary member of the Royal Anthropology Institute, England, 1998;  Member of Group of Eminent Persons for the U.N. Dialogue of Civilizations, 2000-01; Chair, Committee on Human Rights and Civil Liberties, Mexican Council for the Reform of the State, 2001; Laureana Wright Award, Mexican Society of Geography and Statistics, March 7, 2003; Lourdes Arizpe Award on Anthropology and Environmental Policy instituted, presented at AAA  meeting, 2004; Member, Board of Trustees, Library of Alexandria, 2005.

Research, in Spanish: Kinship and economy in a Nahua Society (1972); Indians in the city: the case of the Marias (1975); Migration, ethnicity and economic change (1978); Peasants and migration (1986); Culture and development: an ethnographic study of a Mexican community (1990); Women and development in Mexico and Latin America (1990); Culture and Global Change: Social Perceptions of Deforestation in the Lacandona Rain Forest (1993). Edited, in Spanish: Contemporary anthropology in Mexico (1993); Anthropology in Latin America (1993), Cultural Challenges of Mexico (2004). Research, in Spanish and English: Culture and Global Change: Social Perceptions of Deforestation in the Lacandona Rain Forest, (1995). Edited, in Spanish and English: The Cultural Dimensions of Global Change: an Anthropological Approach, (1995); World Culture Report (1998 and 2001).

Research projects on Culture and Intangible Cultural Heritage in four rural communities in Mexico; Culture, migrations and globalization.
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